Our Vision

To see each child from Johnson able to adjust, with respect, in a fast changing global environment, with the ability to lead in the field of their choice with integrity and courage.

Johnson Grammar School, ICSE

Johnson Grammar School, ICSE, is one of the best and most widely respected schools in the country (39th place in the country, survey by Education World Magazine, 2008). Founded in 1979 by Late Sri. S.R.N.Mudiraj, a great visionary and academician, with the aim of providing value-based world class education backed by the vision, veracity and verve to excel, JGS has earned many laurels, the most prestigious ones being the ISO-9002 accreditation in 1994 (the first school to qualify), Total Quality Management Certification(TQM) and acknowledgement from the American Quality Assessors(AQA), in the three decades of commendable service in the education arena. In 2008, Johnson Grammar has added another such credit that is the authorization from the IBO to run its prestigious IB Diploma Program.



Dear JGS IBDP, It will be my immense pleasure to give you my feedback about my school days in Johnson Grammar School as an IB student. Being among the first batch of IB in this school, it had its own advantages and some disadvantages.
The faculty took great interest in the students and gave them individual attention for the betterment of the their growth-academically and in personality. Personally, I found it easy to bond with the teachers because of them being open minded and friendly towards the students. I think the best thing about Johnson Grammar School IBDP is the faculty that they have wisely chosen.

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    The IB Learner Profile

    The aim of all IB programs is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet...

    News and Events

    Mid Term Report - Johnson IB

    The humane, loving, caring and spiritual spirit of Johnson IBians is kept alive continuously by engaging with society passionately side by side with private pursuits. The Cancer Drive conducted on 7 December 2013 was a successful CAS initiative carried out by the students to promote awareness among the people of Habshiguda area sensitizing them about various hazarduous types of cancer and its preventive measures. A healthy lifestyle and exercise regimens were mentioned that could counter the disease. Public queries were answered by students as the Cancer Relay Baton passed hands from student to student who ran the extra mile.
    Participation in Poster and Idea presentations at Vellore Institute of Technology saw Sushreet, SaiKiran and Shahazaad showcasing the innovative working model of a 'suitcase car' which won accolades. Women's safety during journeys was researched thoroughly and students brought to the fore safety tips and travel security technology solutions.The poster presentation on Eco Friendly Society themewon students the coveted cash prize. Involvement in HMUN and ACEMUN kept the tradition of participation in world affairs too a continuous happening.
    The task of defining what is love and charity confronts us day by day. The Johnson IB equally gives importance to their contribution to the Zilla Parishad School where the ongoing service activity 'Education for All' equips the underprivileged with acumen that will place them at par with the elite.
    Nostalgia-2014celebrated on 1st February 2014 brought in a revival of old customs and practices that helped staff and students travel the lanes of lost memories to retrieve bits of dying art and traditions. Students accoutered in traditional Indian attire not only embellished the aura but also presented in various ways our diverse cultural identities. Civic sense and brotherhood was promoted by recalling Nizami culture, Ayurvedic cure, forgotten dance forms and old food habits. The relupalagaram and poori and pachkutishaak was distributed even as the ShanjaChoola was remembered with longing.

    Bindu C.G.




    Admissions open for Grade 11